Spiritual Growth Bible


Looking for a study Bible to widen your understanding and knowledge of God and his Word? Our new Spiritual Growth Bible featuring the New Living Translation jumpstarts an exciting journey to deeper faith and biblical understanding.  

NEW! Your Handbook For Spiritual Growth

 How do we become more like someone we know and admire? We learn all we can about them and imitate them. Over time we grow to be like them.

If you are a Christian, you know that growing to be like Christ is your first and best aim in life. Indeed, if the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, then the way to glorify and enjoy him is to become more like Christ. How do we do that? By reading the Bible, and growing “in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (II Peter 3:18, NLT)

But it’s not always easy. We find ourselves short on time to really dig into our Bible reading. We don’t understand what we’ve read. Or maybe we have nagging questions and don’t know who can give the answer. 

We’ve put together this Bible to help. Consider this an easy-to-navigate roadmap to spiritual growth.

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Looking for the New Living Translation or NLT Bible?  Explore our Spiritual Growth Bible which is a great NLT Study Bible for the whole family.

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Why Read The Spiritual Growth Bible?

Understandable Language

The NLT translators worked hard to produce a Bible translation that is accurate and true to the original manuscript’s message, while also written in contemporary, everyday, understandable language. 

Relatable Characters

The characters in the Bible were people just like us. Embedded articles describe these people, like Adam and Eve, Solomon and Paul,  who they were and what we can learn from their lives. 

Questions Answered

Side-bar articles, cross-referencing and themed articles tie scriptures together, further explain, or teach theological truths. We’ve included articles from 80+ experts like John Piper, Nancy Guthrie and Don Carson to help you in your growth journey.

Single Book Bible Study

No need to get an extra pile of study books, you’ve got all you need in this Bible.  Between side-bar articles to explain a particular passage to longer theological helps, to references that tie together topics and similar verses, this Bible features it all.

NLT Study Bible Features

  • The complete text of the New Living Translation®
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible, so you have context for time in history and what the author’s main themes will be.
  • 800+ sidebar articles offer helpful explanation and highlight the lessons for spiritual growth in the verses you’re reading.
  • 80+ full-page articles focus on key aspects of spiritual growth and basic theological truths to help readers grow in their faith. 
  • Topics include God’s covenant with his people, the importance of
    worship, spiritual vitality, dealing with temptation, overcoming doubt, using money wisely, the parables of Jesus and prophecies fulfilled.

Additional Bible Features

  • 40+ character profiles of real people such as Noah, Joshua, Rahab, Solomon, Joseph, Mary and Peter, explain how we can learn from their strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures.
  • 2300+ topical ties connect embedded articles and Scripture passages that share a spiritual theme so you can go deep on one topic.
  • 1700+ cross-references give verse to verse connections on the same themes.
  • Search by topic in the topical index at the back of the Bible.
  • Search by author or article name.
  • 9-point font size.
  • Two ribbon markers and thumb index.

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